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SUR.MEDIC+ DEEP CLEAR MOISTURE PAD 5.07 oz / 150ml (2 pcs)

70 pads+ 140ml

Multi-purpose moisture pad that provides perfect cleansing removal of dead skin cells while delivering instant moisture replenishment!

Saturated with skin resembling bio-water and Centella asiatica extract, soft embossed pad texture gently removes away dead skin cells without irritation. Natural soothing and hydrating ingredient toner formula instantly calms and moisturizes exhausted and stressed skin to a perfectly smooth texture.

Use of pads before make-up helps increase more even and seamless application of makeup, for a more long lasting wear and flawlessly smooth make-up finish.

Key Ingredients

Skin Resembling Bio-water [ Biomimetic Fluid Tears ]

  • Patented artificial bio-tears consisting of skin resembling ingredients deliver optimized skin-compatibility that helps penetrate rapidly into the skin with maximized benefit. It also helps moisturize and protect the skin while preventing evaporation of moisture from the skin.


Patented in Spain, Glucoprotein from Micro-organisms in the South Pole [ Xpertmoist ]

  • Glyco-Protein extracted from micro organisms found in the South Pole, it possesses superior cell repairing and moisturizing abilities as an amino acid ingredient which makes up about 40% of the composition of NMF.


Key Regenerating Ingredient Used in Ointments [ Centella asiatica ]

  • Effective healing ingredient Madecassoside found in the leaves and stems of the centella asiatica plant, helps calm, repair, improve the skin while reinforcing skin elasticity and preventing dryness in the skin.





    How to use

    1. After cleansing in the direction of the skin texture, use the embossed side of the pad to gently wipe across the entire face while avoiding the eye area.

    2. Flip and repeat to use other smooth side of the pad to gently wipe across the entire face for final refining of skin texture.

    3. After using, ensure lid is securely closed to make sure product is properly sealed and contents do no dry.

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