SUR.MEDIC+ AZULENE Mild 5.5 UV Protect Sun 50ml


[Sur. Medic+ Azulene Mild 5.5 UV Protect Sun]

PH Balancing Daily Sunscreen


1. Mild and Non-Irritating UV Protection with Low PH Formula

Sun essence developed with a unique pH 5.5 formula and 100% chemical filtration that protects from UV rays without sensitizing the skin or leaving any white residue.

Quickly absorbs onto skin and helps with any dryness that might occur with sun products.

2. Weightless and Skin-gripping

Lightweight texture that grips onto skin and finishes off with a natural tone, perfect as makeup base that stays on all day.

3. Azulene Sunscreen With Soothing and Hydrating Formula

Formulated with azulene oil from chamomile that helps soothe and calm sensitive skin and offers rich hydrating formulas.

Sun Essence that hydrates and protects skin from UV rays.

4. Natural Skin Tone with Weightless Formula

Lightweight texture that glides on without stickiness and blends effortlessly even when reapplying and finishes off with a natural skin tone with 100% chemical filtration.


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